The town of Drumheller is located within the Red Deer Valley of Alberta's Badlands. This valley is home to an incredible history of prehistoric creatures. For those who have never been yet to Drumheller - you are in for a roaring great time - the town is filled with excellent adventures all around you.

Did you know the community is home to the world's largest dinosaur?

"The view from inside a T-Rex's mouth."

Make the climb to the top to check out the view from within its mouth. Check out the epic running trails and rewind the clock to around 130 million years ago.

If heading into the mouth of a T-Rex is not enough, make your way over to the world famous Royal Tyrrell Museum and prepare to be wowed.

If you are looking to book your adventure to Drumheller and take in Drumheller's DinoFest we highly recommend a stay at any of the four Canalta Hotel properties located right in town - including the Canalta Jurassic Hotel. For an outline and to reserve consult

For a solid outline on what to expect in Drumheller stomp over to

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