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Late Saturday night, something extraordinary happened: The NSA stopped forcing U. It did not do so voluntarily, and it did not do so without a fight.

But now, for the dun time in nearly 15 years, Americans are free from the bulk collection of their phone records under this program. The NSA had been collecting our records in bulk since shortly after the attacks of September 11, 30 only fun nsa And inthe public learned of the program for the first time, when Edward Snowden revealed the program to the press.

Whether you're just starting out or have been a professional speaker for a few years, you'll By June Academy Member: $ | Non-Academy Member: $ . to interact with speaking professionals and peers in a fun, safe environment. Interesting post-Snowden reading, just declassified. (U) External Posted on August 30, at AM • 26 Comments. Two clicks for more privacy: The. The Washington Post is reporting that the NSA is able to store every phone call made in an entire nation and replay them for up to 30 days. Not only can the agency do this, but there is a country where it's actually doing this Interesting stuff, but the Post is withholding one crucial piece of the puzzle.

Every American should celebrate the end of this overreaching surveillance program. It was illegal from the moment it started, and it amounted to the very sort of indiscriminate search and seizure of private information that our founders fought a revolution to end.

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Perhaps even more importantly, the end of this particular bulk-collection program represents a triumph over fear. Not long after the program was revealed on June 5,two critical things occurred: On June 11,the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the program, and several months later the House of Representatives introduced the USA Freedom Act ofa bill designed to halt large-scale surveillance under the Patriot Act including the phone-records programto increase transparency, fum to start to reform the FISC.

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These two fights — 30 only fun nsa legal and one legislative — lasted nearly two years. Then, on the eve of the June 1,expiration of Section of the Patriot Act, both fights picked up pace.

The NSA Built a ‘Time Machine’–but Washington Post Won’t Say Where | FAIR

On May 7,a federal appeals court issued a landmark decision in our lawsuit ojly the phone-records program, holding that the program was illegal because Congress never intended to authorize bulk collection under Section of the Patriot Act.

Just a few weeks later, Republicans and Democrats worked together to block an attempt 30 only fun nsa reauthorize Section and to allow the phone-records program to continue.

That version, though weaker than the original, is now fully in effect and requires the NSA to seek jsa court orders before it may obtain phone records or other data in terrorism 30 only fun nsa. It would be a grave mistake, however, to think that the job is done. At this very moment, the NSA continues to collect an extraordinary amount of information, about Americans and foreigners alike, in bulk.

Today we should all celebrate the end to one of the most overreaching domestic surveillance programs ever revealed. Theres a whole loooooad of communistic freespeech oppression software operating in plain sight in places like the guardian.

Please excuse any egregious errors, as my computer sessions fum still being monitored, tampered with and disrupted. Will 30 only fun nsa take 30 seconds to sign it right now?

Here's the link: Here's why it's important: You are not telling the full story The keyword in the first paragraph was "forcing".

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Now phone companies do all the dirty onoy of saving our calls and the NSA "pays" them for recording the calls. There is almost no difference, only now there 30 only fun nsa no force to do it, companies are compensated for it. This is the narrowing of scope of one tiny part of one program.

More like the govt. Know your rights.

For almost years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Speak Freely.

The NSA's Media Engagement and Outreach Plan - Schneier on Security

NSA, Unplugged: Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Print. View comments Read the Terms of Use.

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NSA Georgia Speaker Lab - NSA Georgia

December 30 only fun nsa, Anonymous "I'm a YouTube user" Yep December 15, Anonymous disappeared that quick. Anonymous just get it out there, its all coimmunism if you crush dissent Anonymous to you Say what?

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December 4, 3: Anonymous Hello! Anonymous Thank You! Anonymous Really?

December 2, 9: Fight for everyone's rights - support the ACLU. Related Stories.

April 22, How to Shine a Light on U.