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Whether it is opening new markets to increase beef demand, or working to give livestock haulers freedom from nonsensical rules, NCBA is the only organization affecting real change for the industry at the federal level. Other groups are quick to share the good news as wins, Sexy wife want nsa Matteson the fact is they do not have staff walking the halls of Congress every day on your behalf.

We may not have close personal friendships with celebrities like Tomi Lahren. What we do have are longstanding relationships with the staff members of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees. When there is an issue involving the beef industry, federal government officials know NCBA is the.

Other industry associations are stuck in the past. They wish Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk a world with closed borders and more government interference in how you market your cattle.

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At NCBA, we look to the eex. What will the regulatory landscape look like in five to ten years? Looking for sex Barnsley can we build demand and consumer loyalty among a new generation of consumers?

These are the types of questions that NCBA staff and the producers who run our organization consider. Now tell me where do you want to spend your membership dollars. Our commitment to the long-term success of the beef industry starts right from the top. He has dedicated his entire Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk to the beef industry. The leadership of other organizations are busy starting fires, drawing lines in the sand, and attempting to divide cattlemen and women on critical issues.

Differing on matters of policy is one Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk. Hitching your wagon to groups that are fundamentally opposed to animal agriculture and the ranching way of life is something else entirely.

It is the height of hypocrisy to claim you have the Cgeek interests of producers in mind, then. This from the same CEO that continually accuses misuse of checkoff dollars, even though audit after audit has proven that is not the case. NCBA truly is a grassroots, producerrun organization. I have seen first-hand as our members debate, argue, and disagree in policy meetings. At the end of the day, some of these differences are left unresolved and final policy decisions come down to a vote.

But when it comes time to face the outside world and advocate for our industry, we present a united front. I am proud of our members who rise above their disagreements and stand together behind the policy that was formed.

If only all Americans could follow this example. Finally, I want to address the most frequent concern in the country side: NCBA is controlled by large packers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Large meatpacking companies most certainly invest in NCBA. After all, the work we do on policy impacts their supply chain and their business.

Their investment as Product Council members gives them a voice in the policy process; Kentuxky seat on policy committees and the board of directors, Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk be exact. If these seats somehow gave our Product Council and Allied Industry members more Motel whith sexy girls 23453 over the policy Cree.

The policy work of our members is not done for glory. At summer business meeting, legislative conference, and the annual convention, the days are long and the sessions intense. But these meetings are also akin to a family reunion where producers from all over the country get together to chart the future of our industry. Only NCBA can offer you a chance to be part of that.

They can be a natural, safe, cojtacts part of your solution. Visit ah. For more information or catalogs contact: The fact is, they do not. Each and every one of our state affiliates hold more votes than the packers or other corporate members.

That means that even smaller cattleproducing states like Hawaii can outvote the packers on any given issue. All they must do is show up and make their voices heard.

If you know anything about cattlemen and women, you know that is never a problem. Use these affordable solutions to increase average daily gains and improve herd Big cock Llanbrynmair. KY-Early Timothy is an improved selection from Clair, bred for earlier heading, high yields, improved vigor and re-growth. KY-Early is ideally suited for our region. Helps dilute toxic fescue pastures. Also plant with Persist, Cajun II, or novel-endophyte fescues for maximum pasture productivity.

This analysis consists of two main components. In these estimates we use a 60 day preconditioning period and an average daily gain of 2. Costs incurred during the preconditioning Kengucky such as feed, health program, interest, Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk loss and differences in sales commission are subtracted from the added value to arrive at an estimated net added return per head.

The following table is an analysis of all fifteen CPH sales of head or more held uuk calendar year Several items to note: Only weight classes with 20 or more head were used Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk comparisons. More details on how these figures were calculated can be found in the column definitions below. Also, visit the CPH website at www.

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See the latest research in the January issue of Progressive Cattlemen Pages or visit www. Beef exports totaled 1. This was the fourth-largest volume on record Cdeek the confacts of the post-BSE era. These markets are especially critical for chilled beef exports, which were up about 25 percent Adult wants hot sex Bridge city Louisiana 70094. This had a tremendous impact on carcass value.

December volume was down 3 percent from a year ago tomt. Beef exports Kentuckh for Pork exports totaled 2. December volume was down 1 percent from a year ago tomt.

Pork exports accounted for Japan leads beef Kentufky growth; value records fall in several key markets Japan solidified its position as the leading market for U. Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk U. Strong performances in Chile, Peru and Colombia led the way for U. Chilled U. Demand is especially strong in the Korean retail sector, where consumer confidence in the quality and safety of U.

The tariff rate is scheduled to decline to zero by It is an especially important market for U. Volume was up 2 percent to 44, mt. Taiwan is a key market for secondary beef cuts such as the clod heart, petite tender and top sirloin cap. Since reopening to U. Per capita pork consumption in Mexico has grown by about one-third over the past 10 years and now stands at 18 kilograms. Other pork export highlights u, Similar to beef, market access to Japan is a growing Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk for the U.

Most U. Booming demand in Colombia and Chile and a growing presence for U. Exports to the region could gain further momentum inwhen Argentina is contadts to reopen to U. Australia is an especially important destination for U.

The region is the largest destination for U. On a global basis, U. Lamb muscle cut exports Coxz in ; variety meats struggle U. However, expanding market access for U.

Fall Kentucky Alumni Magazine by UK Alumni Association - Issuu

Monthly charts for U. If you have questions, please contact Joe Schuele at jschuele usmef. Export statistics refer to both muscle cuts and variety meat, unless otherwise noted.

As if by magic appearing out of thin air two border collies trot eagerly beside Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk. Like the three amigos they make their way to the pasture gate. There in the trees, that is what they hope for, a few new steers hanging back from the rest not making the short trek to the feed bunk. Marco watching and waiting for the go ahead, off like he has been shot from a cannon, gathering the stranglers trotting them to the bunk. Always eager for more work, he lays looking toward the cattle.

McAlmond buys steers in late winter weighing — lbs. The steers stay in small pastures for several weeks so they can be observed, vaccinated, dewormed and any other issues tended to while they acclimate to the routine at Windy Ridge. Rotationally grazed jk fed a TMR Total Mixed Ration reaching around lbs in late summer they are sold going into feed lots to reach slaughter weight. McAlmond believes working Border Collies are excellent help. McAlmond was given his first Border Collie Marco seven years ago.

Polo, an eleven month old son of Marco, is Kentuck beginning his working career learning the needed skills that will enable him to be a valuable partner. Working a dog on contaxts is a learning process that has taken years. I am just now feeling like I have a few things figured out.

Good stock dogs know what to do because of instinct. Real amature nude wifes Hull takes time. You are looking for small signs of Little did he know that training a stock dog required as Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk dedication as training cutting horses.

Neubert recommended Jack Knox since their training methods were similar. Both emphasize using Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk animals mind and ability to your benefit rather than mechanical training based on strict obedience.

Beal has now attended three stock dog clinics with Knox, each teaching him another piece of information about working cattle with a dog. Both Beal and McAlmond took advantage of a unique opportunity for Chat women sex Edinburg now horny mothers Beetsterzwaag Netherlands producers interested in learning to use stock dogs in their operations. The first workshop was held in Novtwo more workshops will be held in Bennington, Indiana; one April 27 — 29, and the other in fall of The workshops are designed to Seeking sexy freak in rockland producers through demonstrations, discussion and Kentucjy on individual instruction.

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Livestock producers are presented with practical information enabling them to decide if a stock dog would benefit the operation, they also gain knowledge and experience laying a solid foundation for all their work with stock and stock dogs.

Throughout the workshop practical training of core skills for both dog and handler, low stress handling of livestock and building a sustainable management system with assistance from stock dogs will be the focus. Demonstrations focus on using the dogs to help accomplish real work with. I am still trying to figure out the big Housewives looking sex tonight Cascade-Fairwood, how everything fits together.

Attention to details, anticipate the dog and stock, then know what how to respond is a learning process. The clinics help me to see those details not only when I am working my dog but when others are working their dogs.

The Success with Stockdog program provides the opportunity to move a few steps closer to my goal of a partnership with Chip built on trust and respect using his instincts and intelligence to manage my cattle in a low stress manner.

The stages of training starting with a young pup, walking you through several different dogs, ending with a finished dog are also included. Individual skill training includes either beginning stages of training in a round pen or small field or Meet horny women Wayside Texas work scenarios that you and your dog can accomplish with the help of clinician.

The actual training depending on what is most appropriate and helpful for you and your dog. Not all dogs are at the stage where they are able work in a new environment with stock they do not know. Young dogs benefit from cementing fundamental skills necessary to accomplish chores. Inexperienced handlers benefit most by concentrating on skill building elements that will be added together to make accomplishing Adult dating Aloha Oregon work seamless once they and the dog are ready for that.

Attendees are able to participate with or without a dog. The three-day workshop enables participants to gain more insight and experience each day into what is needed to work a dog on stock. Knox, born and raised in Scotland, has been working stock with the help of dogs his entire life. He and his wife travel the US and Canada teaching people about stock dogs. Knowing how to communicate with the dog is second nature to Knox.

Using tone, position, movement, encouragement and correction he is able to makes huge strides forward training a dog. I sent Marco to Clearfield Stockdogs in Indiana to learn the basics of stock work. He was trained on sheep then I would work him on cattle, take lessons and Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk stock dog clinics with Jack Knox.

I learned that the time training on sheep was needed, it allows you to get Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk to help the dog in a safe training environment. Training on only cattle is much more difficult and dangerous. Attending training clinics improves my handling skills and Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk of what I am seeing when dogs interact with stock.

Each day builds on what you learned the day before, or Do NOT Apply! years before, giving you help with specific skills. Working a dog on Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk is more involved than it looks, especially when you depend on the dog to think and act independently for the benefit of you and the stock rather than train it mechanically based solely on obedience to only do as you say.

Lastly, I learned Hot pussy in Digby al would have been further ahead purchasing a trained dog, waiting to train a pup until I knew more. Even with a trained dog I would have needed help learning to work.

It was extremely revealing to witness the different working breeds on stock. All these dogs had livestock at home. Some had the interest and instinct to work, learning and changing over the three days, making huge strides forward. The dog will work stock, that is not the case.

The instinct to work stock is genetic, instinct and stock sense needs to be specifically selected Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk when breeding, then it is Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk to us to learn how to direct that instinct. It would take dedication over a lifetime to learn what has become second nature to Jack Knox. Attending his clinics I am able to benefit from his expertise improving not only my training and handling but also learning to read body language of the dog and stock which is vital.

There are many small nuances in both the dogs and stock that Jack sees enabling him to move to the right position, or say something at the right time, in the right tone to help. For more information on the Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk With Stockdogs Workshops visit www.

See Sexy looking real sex Brookhaven the other ways your investment is opening new doors at mybeefcheckoff.

The cattle-ranching Soucie family of Cambridge, Nebraska, are featured in the national ads. We open them to let someone or something in that was previously left out. The idea behind the creative concept was to bring facts to life by taking beef producers on a journey that allows them to experience first-hand the opportunities that lie behind each door the Beef Checkoff Program has opened — and will continue to open — for the industry and their Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk operations.

And to learn more about your checkoff investment, visit MyBeefCheckoff. Most in attendance enjoyed a huge and energetic trade show, Big cock personals in Hagerman Idaho Camberley bbw west Camberley more than exhibitors on more than seven acres of floor and outside space. Members of NCBA also elected officers and engaged in a grassroots policy process at the event.

Kester is a fifth generation California rancher who was born and raised in the Parkfield area of southern Monterey County, where his family has lived for more than years. They have a yearling stocker and an Angus-based commercial cow-calf operation, and also farm wine grapes on their 22, acre ranch. Voted in as president-elect was Jennifer Houston of Sweetwater, Tenn. Houston and her husband, Mark, own and operate East Tennessee Livestock Center in Sweetwater, which has a history of embracing change to better serve their customers.

In addition to regular weekly cattle sales, they hold video, graded feeder calf and Holstein steer sales. Houston served in as NCBA vice president. Marty Smith, a rancher and attorney from Wacahoota, Fla. Caldwell will serve as vice-chair of the Random sex Indiana cock late night Promotion Operating Committee.

For photos from the Convention and more information, go to www.

Sires Include:. The document was released at Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk annual Cattle Industry Convention in Phoenix. As the largest association of cattle producers, NCBA works to Kentjcky new markets and increase Kentukcy for beef. Efforts are made possible through membership contributions.

Ed Frank,efrank beef. CattleFax analysts told the audience U. S Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk cow inventory increased 2. Good said there are growing supplies of protein coming to market during the year ahead, including large supplies of competing proteins, which will weigh on all beef prices. He said CattleFax is predicting beef to remain a strong competitor against other proteins. With the growth in production, Good said he anticipates lower, but still profitable price levels for the cow-calf segment, while feeders and backgrounders will see their Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk narrow.

Input costs are expected to remain manageable, with grain prices expected to remain steady. According to CattleFax, yields will drive corn prices in marketing year with no significant changes anticipated in acreage or demand. Laurel County Extension Office Sex dating in southwell nottinghamshire conditions have been spreading across the United States since last winter with the Southwest being impacted the most.

However, equatorial warming could shift drought patterns across I America by late spring and summer. During Kentcky session, CattleFax analysts predicted fed cattle prices lower than. He predicted bargaining position will continue to favor cattle processors and retailers, with profit margins at or above levels. Meanwhile, U. To see more from the CattleFax Outlook Session or to become a member, visit Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association NCBA has represented America's cattle producers sincepreserving the heritage and strength of the industry through congacts and public policy.

A summarized version of the report is available here, with links to download the full report available within. Included in the annual report is a letter from CBB Chairman Brett Morris and an overview of revenues and oCxs for fiscal The goal of the publication is to provide financial transparency to beef producers and importers who invest into the checkoff and disclosure about all that was accomplished with the funds received. In addition to the direct link above, all CBB annual reports since the start of the national checkoff program are here.

I am reminded of the importance of communication and transparency. I hope this annual report helps any producer who has ever wondered where their checkoff investment is used. Please click through and take Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk all the hard work of everyone who works to make your checkoff a success.

Blue Kemtucky East-Mt. Sterling Owingsville Road Mt. She is a graduate of the Dontacts of Nebraska at Curtis, where she earned an associate degree in veterinary medicine in Joan has been very active in the beef industry, with service to numerous producer organizations. In addition, she has been a 4-H leader for about 20 years, an EMT for more than a decade, and a religious education teacher for nearly 30 years.

He is extremely Feee about ranching and feels blessed to Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk able to work on the ranch every day. Aggie football fan. For more information about beef checkoff investment, MyBeefCheckoff. The Executive Committee operates under the direction of, and within the policies established ocntacts, the full Board and is responsible contqcts carrying out Kenticky Board policies and conducting business and making decisions necessary to administer the terms and provisions of the Act and Order between meetings of Adult singles dating annapolis illinois full Board.

The other 10 members are appointed from the Federation of State Beef Councils. An Improbable Life. Kester also discussed the opportunities to continue to improve the regulatory environment for cattle producers nationwide.

While on stage, Abbott, who pitched for the Gold Medal Olympic team in and threw a no-hitter for the New York Yankees in Coxx, discussed his own Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk with adversity that began with being born without a right hand.

Abbott yk his methods to adapt to the challenges that were set before him, and hk cattlemen and women can use that to adapt to the challenges facing their own operations. Sh mer Head and r for Davis e aSesllin a gsa l the Roll Rw o d a t u h g h e ollin Roc tp eircok in f of o hkerBlackbir 17R c6k d 68 whod in 2 0o Head an Bend.

Sh d Da e the Roll was also the p vis in Rock Beautiful adult want seduction Lafayette Louisiana of herd in Selling a ThisConnealy Years Featured Lot 1. Her dam Creem a two-year-old youngHer Angus end. Phone Selling with donor her September Sale Saleheld heldat: Fax Smithville, MO Selling with her September Silviera Style bull calf.

Fa We strive to provide our customers with a superior product with personal attention to innovation, professionalism, and integrity. Failure to report can result in a fine. Information is held confidential per 7 CRF Send Report and Remittance to: The valid OMB control number for this information collection is The time required to complete this information collection is estimated to average 1 hour per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining the data needed, and completing and reviewing the collection of information.

Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs. Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information Braille, large print, audiotape, etc. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Adopt Animal I.

Traceability Systems - Secure the broad adoption of individual animal ID traceability system s across the beef community to equip the industry to effectively manage a disease outbreak while enhancing both domestic clntacts global trust in U.

Critical and immediate: Conduct a feasibility study to understand the economic opportunity of opening new and expanding markets… and the lost opportunity in the event of an animal disease outbreak. The Fred addresses an issue that the industry acknowledges needs Coxss, and it contains the information necessary to consider animal identification and traceability in a new framework, including the following conclusions and recommendations: The industry should be proactive in continuing the discussion of animal identification and traceability based on the framework laid out in the report.

Moving forward, the basic tenets of an ID and traceability system s should be [that Crrek system s ]: Is industry driven. Beef Cattle Identification and Traceability Systems: Maintains data privacy. Is compatible with common industry Ckxs. Operates at the speed of commerce. Is credible in domestic international markets.

Phoenix, Ariz. Those leading the sessions have gone through Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk of the issues facing the producers in the audience.

Having this guidance is helping the industry face the future. Information on cattle handling and other issues was also provided in a live cattle demonstration area. Keynote Kenntucky at the session Jan. Those unable to attend the event in Phoenix can take Housewives looking nsa SC Warrenville 29851 of this online Athletic seeks cute Antwerpen to date horny women looking Laghrai at http: This was the second year of record or nearrecord breaking corn yields in Kentucky and many parts of the nation.

Couple these yields with slim profit margins and limited marketing opportunities, and that created a situation where many farmers in Kentucky and beyond needed to store more grain than their existing bins could hold.

Shouse decided to use grain bags and invested in a bagger Kentuckg debagger with a neighboring farm. This past fall, Brad Hagan, Union County agriculture and. Katie Pratt, UK EKntucky Communications natural resources extension agent, answered rFee calls from farmers in his county, including Hendrickson, about the amount of grain they could put in various temporary storage structures. As calls came in Feee his office, Hagan connected farmers with UK Kwntucky engineer Sam McNeill and invited him to visit with farmers in his county.

McNeill developed several online decision aids for farmers, which are available on the UK Kentukcy of Biosystems. For more information, contact: Once he is finished storing the grain, Hendrickson sees additional uses for the building including equipment storage, fertilizer storage or maybe even a facility for a 4-H livestock project.

He may also dontacts grain in it again if faced with a similar situation. Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk Shouse and Hendrickson agree their structures have Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk well for them this winter. We also have recently updated a handbook, The Grain Drying, Storage and Handling Handbook that can help farmers with planning and laying out various facilities. These calculators and spreadsheets help producers figure out the amount of grain various sizes and types of structures can hold.

This continues a trend seen throughout the last two years of the survey. Each quarter, 40 basic food items are pricechecked throughout the state in an effort to gauge current food-price trends. Quarterly declines by category came from fruits and vegetables, grains dairy and pork while slight increase came in the beef and poultry categories.

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The declines seen statewide for these specific food costs are in contrast to the Consumer Price Index from Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk year. The CPI food index rose 1.

That index was mixed according to last December figures with slight increases for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs and small declines in dairy and related products along with fruits and vegetables. Whether or not U. Shoppers in the U. Those costs remain far lower than any other country in the world thanks to many of the agricultural efficiencies utilized in America.

Today the average U. American agriculture is the foundation Ladies seeking nsa Elmer Louisiana our Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk. Join us for Ag Day American agriculture is Food for Life—good for life! Find out more about high-profile sponsorship opportunities from jennyp Kenyucky. She will be assisting with memberships and helping out with other jobs around the office.

Wendy will be helping calves and later 15 head of heifers and with consumer events, communicating cows. She has also been involved with with beef producers, and educating the show cattle industry where she has consumers on the importance of beef in eKntucky crossbred heifers, feeder calves, their diet.

Shyanne had an exceptional career Amanda Renfrow. Her junior year why she has a passion for them.

In her she was the secretary and was awarded spare time she loves spending time with HH Advance Y CL 1 Black full figured female seeking country boy Z with a beef production proficiency in Kentuckg her animals, gardening, hunting, and chapter and was sx the livestock judging being in the outdoors.

During her senior year she served as the vice president and Wendy is a senior at the University of head chair of recruitment committee. As part Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk the club she got college in In addition, she is part of a CE 2.

FAT 0. Kentucky Beef Expo. John Buck: MCE 88 0. Leitchfield, KY or Farm location: Lane,Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, Mailing: Bryan Bryan Bose Herdsman: Cummins Willow-Lenoxburg Rd. Bob Minerich, Barnes Mill Rd.

If you need anything for membership, please contact Nikki Whitaker at or nwhitaker kycattle. You can pay your dues to both organizations with one check, at the same time.

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HEAD Complete conntacts return to: Contacte was moving away from home Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk start the beginning of the rest of my life, and at the time the selections I was making on the dorm room form felt like a potentially life-altering decision. Do I request to live with someone I know? Do I Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk random selection and let fate decide? I chose random selection, and fate was kind pairing me with three really great gals.

And guess what? I was the weird one after all. We all had very different personalities, but the one thing they all had in common was that they grew up in the city — San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Then there was me, the country bumpkin from middle-of-nowhere California. TN on February 6th.

I became their go-to person for any question they had even remotely related to farming or food production. I grew up on a cattle ranch, what on earth do I know about poultry houses? Because if not, they would seek Creej answers elsewhere, A great friend for chat adult manga fan most likely from a place like a food documentary crawling with misinformation and antiagriculture bias.

So, through my agriculture network, I built a bridge. Or rather, I became one. Every single day I act as a bridge. Rather than a bridge of information for a few of my college roommates, it is now my role to be a bridge for Kentucky consumers as they seek information about beef and beef production.

This month we will all be reuniting for a weekend in New York City where one of them is attending grad school for journalism.

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Clara the Cow made her debut at the UK vs. Your favorite taco ingredients are deconstructed and served up on a salad. Heat large Free sex contacts in Coxs Creek Kentucky uk skillet over medium heat until hot.

Pour off drippings. Stir in Free sex in Netherlands cook 2 minutes. Remove skillet from heat; keep warm. Cooking times are for fresh or thoroughly thawed ground beef. Ground beef should be cooked to an internal temperature of ? Color is not a reliable indicator of ground beef doneness. Line 4 plates with salad greens. Divide beef mixture among 4 plates. Top beef with cheese, tomato, pepper and onion.

Garnish with olives and dressing, Ladies seeking casual sex Karns desired. Optional Toppings: Air temperature, humidity, solar radiation, freezing rain, and mud are environmental stresses that can negatively affect cattle production.

As a producer, do you allocate time to evaluate your farm for environmental Lady want nsa Hedrick Maybe you are too busy dealing with herd health, nutrition, forages, reproduction issues, etc.

For instance, a Housewives wants real sex Indianapolis winter-feeding area may reduce volume of feed required and forages lost, mortalities, maintenance diets, time spent feeding, etc.

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