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I like smart ladies I Look For A Man

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I like smart ladies

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Tell me how much they are worth.

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Fullerton Blonde At Pok Train Station

This is an age old debate. Do girls fall for a person who is witty or one who is all intellectual? It would be exaggerating if I said it would be nice to have both I like smart ladies with the package but it might be the truth.

Lets imagine a situation where two guys, a funny one and a smart one walks up to a girl in a bar, who would you think will get that girl? The laadies would know all the right things to say to the girl, making her blush whereas I like smart ladies former one will actually make her smarg at home.

At the end the day, she would walk home remembering the good conversation and I like smart ladies laugh she had and not how she blushed.

When I say smart, am not talking about the bookworms and the nerds. I mean, take Mr.

James Bond, for instance, a secret service hottie, who always ended up getting the girl and on I like smart ladies other hand, take Mr. In reality, being smart or funny is not gonna decide whether you can get the girl or not.

You gotta be funny in some places but also act smart when the situation demands. So, I guess you need a bit of both to get the girls.

But wait, let me put a twist on this statement. So, why does being funny have the edge over the smart guy??

Thus, I am just saying it really comes down to the circumstances when you start to date. So, take it in the lighter sense.

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