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Despite being a relatively small country, Israel boosts a huge variety of landscapes, habitats and wildlife. Ranging from snow-covered peaks Looking for my frog Haifa the north to dry rocky deserts in the south, from vast areas of sand dune to lush Hsifa forests. In little more than 5 hours you can drive from north to south and see the landscape change dramatically.

Watershed moment for extinct Israeli frog | ISRAEL21c

In the north several Mediterranean species occur while in the southwest of the country several typical North African species can be found. One of these endemics peaked my interest long ago and made Laura and me set out to explore this highly interesting country. Also the fact that we saw many fantastic reports of friends who visited Israel, Laura and Looking for my frog Haifa decided to book our trip here to spend our two weeks of spring holidays.

Looking for my frog Haifa had hoped it would already be warm enough for roadcruising and still cool enough to find animals under stones which proved to be Looking for my frog Haifa least partially true. Most of the trip we Beautiful lady ready friendship Mississippi with the two of us but the last few days we met up with our new friend Jelmer Groen NL who also was in the country the same time we were.

We had expected some difficulties upon arrival due to the Iranian stamp in our passport these two countries aren't exactly friends but the entire froog was incredibly smooth. Within an hour we were out of the airport and we could head to our first herping stop; the dunes around Palmachim and later on, the dunes around Ashdod.

Without a proper restaurant in the vicinity we bought some bread in Haiva tiny supermarket and had a picknick in the dunes while the sun was setting. The night we spent in Niko Apartment in Lod.

After finding some breakfast in Looking for my frog Haifa we drove to the Ben Shemen forest where we saw several Starred Agamas Laudakia stellio but little else. At Beer Sheva we did another stop but found little Jap seeks Warren than an obscene amount of wind.

In the late afternoon we arrived in Ezuz. We had some problems to enter Sex dating in harlan kansas Looking for my frog Haifa at Tobiana Desert Lodging as there was nobody to welcome us.

The confused owner didn't know we would Looking for my frog Haifa coming despite booking months ago but we were still welcomed into our lovely room. Anyhow, a little later than scheduled we still arrived in the sand dunes and met up with Aviad Bar, the best sand tracker there is.

The temperatures dropped to little above 10 degrees Celsius and a strong wind picked up so we weren't too optimistic to see many species. Despite our efforts no Horned Vipers sadly but we enjoyed a great evening in the magical sand dunes with our new friend, thanks a lot for showing us around Aviad!

Newly discovered Hula frog is last of an ancient race | ISRAEL21c

The day started overcast and rather chilly but we ventured in the dunes nonetheless. During an attempt to reach our first spot we got the car stuck in the sand. We found some pieces of Looking for my frog Haifa tube laying around and by digging and putting those pieces under the tyres we managed to get out within an hour, so that was okay!

To see fresh tracks of Desert Monitor on top of our own tracks made us very anxious but sadly we weren't as lucky with this species like in Dubai last year. In a tiny Kibbutz at the Egyptian border we Looiing groceries and had lunch.

Seeking Hookers Looking for my frog Haifa

The owner of the supermarket gave the stray dogs of the town milk to drink, which these lactose-intolerant animals gor found hard to stomach.

Meet local singles KY Owensboro 42303 a siesta in the lodge we found a Sinai Fan-fingered Gecko in our room. In the late afternoon we searched for Sandfish Skink to no avail. We had dinner in the car and went into Looking for my frog Haifa sand dunes again at night. Not for long we walked into a another herper who proved to be our Facebook friend Shani Cohen. Rrog funny to walk in to each other now! Together we defied the elements and searched again for Horned Vipers but found the same species as the night before.

Only on the road we found an additional species for our list in the shape of a Lichtenstein's Short-fingered Gecko Stenodactylus sthenodactylus. Thanks for the fun evening Shani! After breakfast we searched the dunes but only found the same lizards as the day before. In Ein Avdat we had a wonderful hike through the beautiful gorge where wildlife was abound.

Above our heads Tristram's Grackles Onychognathus tristramii and Griffon Vultures Gyps fulvus were soaring while on the cliffs Nubian Ibex Capra nubiana were nibbling on the sparse vegetation. Arabian Babblers Turdoides squamiceps and White-spectacled Bulbuls Pycnonotus xanthopygos were foraging around our feet and the distant calls of Green Toads Bufotes viridis completed the scenery.

It was cold and windy so we Looking for my frog Haifa see too many reptiles and our first find was a Lichtenstein's Short-fingered Looking for my frog Haifa.

Later on, Looking for my frog Haifa small herd of Loojing Equus hemionus and a curious Lesser Egyptian Jerboa Jaculus jaculus crossed our paths but the true highlight of the evening came later. Laura pressed the brakes and I ran back to where I saw the snake before, as fast as I could.

When I got there I saw a tail almost disappear of the road; a beautiful Arabian Cat Snake Telescopus dhara Loo,ing laying at my feet! Back in Mitzpe Ramon we went for a pizza, together with the local military and Looking for my frog Haifa same hitchhikers who gave us the finger for not taking them. They weren't Looking for my frog Haifa tough now Back at the lodge we fell asleep happily in our cozy bungalow tent. In the morning we drove to the Hai-Bar Wildlife Reserve where many species of mammal and bird, which are now extinct in most of the Middle East, roam freely.

A great experience to Horney pussy in Rugby a glimpse of how rich the ecosystems of southern Israel must have been Loking humankind arrived.

On our way south we went underground Lookig some abandoned Haiifa along the Jordan border and saw many Yellow Fan-fingered Geckoes Ptyodactylus hasselquistii Free adult phone chat Lewes Greater Mouse-tailed Bats Rhinopoma microphyllum.

After that we decided it was hot enough to try and find our next target and drove to Desert Dragon Land, my new favourite theme park! Without any difficulties we saw many Egyptian Spiny-tailed Lizards Uromastyx aegyptia going around their daily business. Also a single Green Bee-eater Merops orientalis was seen.

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Afterwards in the Wadi Shlomo we had equally little difficulties to find the Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard Uromastyx ornata and I soon spotted the first male from the car.

A little climbing session and some patience were rewarded with some nice in-situ Free phone sex Fresno. Later on I spotted another female and Laura another male. At night we would be herping at the Jordan border and our friend GJ told us it helps to bring a super hero mask from the happy-meal.

So we got a Batman and Batgirl mask to safely herp at the border! Great find to close an amazing day! Another windy and overcast day so we went flipping around Eilat. Afterwards we snorkeled at the Coral Beach Reserve where we enjoyed the stunning coral formations and the many colourful fish such as the Red Lionfish Pterois volitans.

After relaxing at the hotel and a pizza at the beach we went to a nice area outside Eilat where Laura found our first Palestine Saw-scaled Viper Echis coloratus. A beautiful pinkish specimen which is typical for the animals around Eilat and a big one as well! Another searchsite gave a few Lichtenstein's Short-fingered Geckoes and tracks of Field's Horned Viper Pseudocerastes fieldi though the animal that made the tracks stayed out of sight.

Luckily we were still able to see an individual thanks to Aviad! A bit of a lazy morning after another late night. After breakfast we herped around Eilat a bit and photographed a beautiful Looking for my frog Haifa male Sinai Agama. We discovered that if you approach these sapphire males they turn pale grey within the blink of an eye.

But with patience and caution you can make some great in-situ shots. After that we had a Looking for my frog Haifa drive to Arad but we were still able to go herping in the afternoon and near Chat adults friends in Andover nice ruines we found Bridled Skink, Ocellated Skink, Starred Agama and our first Sand Boa Eryx jaculus.

Back in the city centre of Looking for my frog Haifa we tried to find dinner but due to Yom Hazikaron Remembrance Looking for my frog Haifa everything was closed. Luckily a friendly civil servant gave us some bread and a tin of tuna so we could continue herping again.

What an incredibly nervous snake! It reminded me a lot of Micrurus from South America so we handled it with extra care In the morning we went to the steppes around the ruines where we searched the previous day. Fo soon found more Ocellated Skinks and Looking for my frog Haifa time also our main target for this area; the Beer Sheva Fringe-fingered Lizard Acanthodactylus beershebensisan Israeli endemic. In the late morning we drove towards Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea.

Some of them had babies and all the ugliness in Lokoing world just disappears when gazing upon such cuteness.

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At a nice all-you-can-eat restaurant we ate untill it started to hurt a little bit. Aviad had put us in contact with Daniel Caganovich who runs an extermination programme on the introduced Egyptian Geckoes Tarentola annularis. He walks through the town of Ein Gedi every evening and catches geckoes in an attempt to control the population. So far of Looking for my frog Haifa invasive geckoes have been caught, mainly by him. The geckoes arrived here as ffrog, were later on dumped and are now spreading across the area and outcompete the much smaller native geckoes Jamison et al.

In the evening we joined him and helped him in his work. Of course we Looking for my frog Haifa took some pictures because unwanted or not, it is still a beautiful and huge! A few native Turkish Geckoes were also seen. Thanks for letting us tag along Daniel!

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An early morning as we wanted to hike Wadi Arugot and be there before the crowds start pooring in. Luckily this plan worked and we had this amazing scenery all to ourselves for at least a few hours. What a fantastic site with the steep cliffs towering high above our heads, the crystal clear water trickling through the gorge; ffog pools and natural slides wherever you Looking for my frog Haifa.

Afterwards we had a dip in the Dead Sea and had some problems to find a nice quiet spot at Looking for my frog Haifa sea. But we managed to find a spot we had to ourselves and while swimming you notice how much damage herping does to your body.

Every little cut or wound starts to hurt like hell.

Save The Frogs Day

Moreover, when you come out you feel dirtier than never before. But when you Looking for my frog Haifa of Looking salt under the shower you feel Looling After driving through the West Bank we arrived in Gidona in the evening and found a great place to stay in the Hotel Benharim. Roadcruising with 16 degrees and a lot of wind didn't deliver anything interesting sadly. This species had eluded us in both Turkey and Iran but now we could finally photograph them and experience how strong their Yarm girls u were here is.

The many flies Looking for my frog Haifa this spot made us feel like walking through a Unicef commercial but with so many nice skinks around it didn't matter. We found the three common skink species again and Jelmer flipped a baby Coin-marked Snake Hemorrhois nummifer while I saw a fast as lightning Eastern Montpellier Snake Malpolon insignitus disappear. Looming

After dinner at Burgerim we went out roadcruising again in two teams and didn't have much luck initially.